Reseller program

Why resell through NordName?


We offer our resellers substantial discounts on our retail rates. The degree of discounts depends on your purchase volume and whether you resell domain names only from us or also other registrars.

Multilingual system

Our system is also designed for customers in non-English speaking countries. We offer sending email verification messages to your customers in local languages!

Whitelabel features

We can send all verification emails from your email address and make all links consist of your custom domain. Additionally, your brand name is visible in WHOIS and RDAP!


NordName is the perfect partner for you if you are looking for a place where to purchase your client's domain names at the most private and secure way. We guarantee you the most seamless solution of registering domain names under all the TLDs of the world. The benefits that we offer our resellers include:

  • Affordable and transparent pricing.
    Our profit is always only 1-3 EUR on top of our cost price.
  • White Label features
    We replace our brand name with yours in as many places as possible! We can for example send all email messages from your whitelabel email address and make all verification links consist of your custom domain!
  • Privacy Protection
    Don't worry about your clients' data privacy, since we take care of that. WHOIS Protection is always free of charge whenever it is supported. We have even rated all our TLDs with different 'data privacy ratings' so that you can easily explain to your customers how their data will be protected with different TLDs.
  • API Access
    Automatize the ordering and management of domains through our easy-to-use API interface. You could even offer your clients with your own domain name management panel! We also have a ready WHMCS module.
  • Localized email messages
    We offer several languages of communication to your end customers. Currently, we can send email messages to your customers in English, Finnish and Swedish.

NordName offers two reseller programs: the regular reseller programme and Elite reseller programme. Joining either programme is 100% free, but they do differ in terms of responsibilities, features and pricing. Contact us for more info!

Interested? Email us at support (at) for more information!