Plant a tree with your domain name!

We work towards a sustainable way of living

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* Orders made after 1/1/2023 are counted. Figures are updated once per day.

CO2 emissions of the Internet

The carbon footprint of our devices, the Internet and the systems supporting it amounts to 3.7% of the global greenhouse emissions. This is similar to the footprint of the airline industry. You may read more about it here.

At NordName we want to support a sustainable way of living, so we can all live on the face of this planet for years to come. For this purpose, we are planting a tree for every Internet domain name purchased through NordName.

-- NordName Team

Plant a tree with your domain name!

We plant a tree for every domain name purchased through NordName. The tree will hopefully grow for at least 60 years and convert loads of CO2 to our precious oxygen!

Planted in Nordic countries

We will plant the trees in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We plant one tree for every domain registered via NordName or transferred to us after 1/1/2023. This includes domain names purchased through one of our resellers.

  • We plant the trees in the Nordic countries. We aim to distribute them based on the country of the domain registrants. For example, for every domain registered by a Finnish individual we plant a tree in Finland. If the domain registrant is from a non-Nordic country, we will plant the tree in one of the Nordic countries.

    The trees that we plant in Finland will be planted by us personally in the areas close to our office in Oulu.

  • We will plant the trees in batches at least every second year. First batch will occur by November 2024 by the latest.

    We will be personally planting the trees in Finland. As our main line of business is not planting trees, we are unable to have batches more frequently.

  • We will plant seedlings of pine, spruce and birch. We will follow the current guidelines for the planting density of each of the seedling types.

  • Don't worry, we will not rip your tree off the ground. Your tree will continue growing, hopefully for at least 60-80 years!

Choose NordName and plant a tree.

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