.ME Base Price change

July 16, 2020

.ME registration, transfer and renewal price is increasing by 1 EUR effective 1/2/2021.

We have been informed by the registry of the .ME Top Level Domain Name that our cost price for .ME will be increasing by 1 EUR effective 1/2/2021 at 00:00 UTC.

This will mean that we will also pass on this price increase to our customer.

Price change on all NordName pricing tiers:
Retail: 15,00€ -> 16,00€
Tier 1: 12,50€ -> 13,50€
Tier 2: 11,00€ -> 12,00€

We highly recommend all of our customers to renew their .me domains before the effective date in order to benefit from the lower prices for as long as possible.

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