NordName offers two ways of billing for its customers:

Payment at order

This is the default way of billing for all customers. Every time you make a purchase, you need to pay for it before we activate the service(s). After a payment, you are issued an invoice/receipt for that particular purchase.

When auto-renewing services, we will attempt to pay for the purchase from your account balance or charge any saved default payment method such as a credit card. If we are unable to obtain a payment for the auto-renewal, the auto-renewal is not processed and you are informed via email. In such case, you must pay for it by hand.

Monthly billing

This is a billing method which we may enable for business customers such as resellers or companies with simply frequent orders with us. The difference to the traditional method of invoicing is that we collect all your purchases during every month onto one single invoice which is issued on the last day of every month. This way you only get one single invoice per month for your accounting records.

When making purchases with monthly billing enabled, your account must have sufficient purchase allowance. This allowance is affected by your current account balance and any credit limit we have granted to you. It is calculated by (account balance + credit limit).

If your account balance covers the monthly invoice fully, the invoice is paid from your account balance. In such case, the invoice will be marked as Paid automatically and no further action is required from you.

If we have granted you credit limit and your account balance does not cover the invoice fully, your account balance will go negative when the invoice is issued at the end of the month. In such case, the monthly invoice becomes due for payment and you must pay it by the specified due date.

When auto-renewing services, we will automatically renew the services assuming your purchase allowance is sufficient. The auto-renewed services will be reflected in the next monthly invoice.

Before the end of a month, the monthly purchases are shown on a Draft invoice that is updated daily at midnight. This invoice accumulates all your purchases during the month and then gets issued at the end of the month.

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