Server colocation

Server space renting from Stockholm, Sweden


A quality home for your servers in Stockholm

Our server colocation service suits companies who wish to place their business-vital servers in an affordable environment.

The server space is rented in height units (RU), but the possibility to also rent quarter, half or whole racks (42U) also exists. The server space can also be increased or decreased with flexibility.

The service comes with a 1 Gbps internet connection, unlimited data traffic and power supply.

Our data center is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

-20% discount on the monthly fee

Campaign valid till 31st of December 2020. Does not apply to the setup fee. Discounted price valid for 12 months, after which price will return to normal.

Redundant power, cooling and fire protection

There shall be no power outages! Our data center is equipped with dual-UPS and diesel generators that guarantee continuous power for your servers. The data center also has cooling and fire protection, security systems with access control and 24/7 camera monitoring.

Fast and reliable internet connection

The servers will be connected to 1 Gbps internet ports that enable your servers to communicate with each other with maximum speed. The actual internet connection is a shared 1 Gbps fibre connection and the amount of data transfer is not limited. The service comes with one IPv4 address, but additional addresses may be available for an extra fee.

Easy server management

If your servers come with iLO/iDRAC hardware, you have the opportunity to separately connect them to the Internet. This enables you to manage your servers remotely from home or office. You can also get an access card to the datacenter so that you can come and perform maintenance on your servers 24/7.


1U server space

  • Location: Stockholm
  • Internet: 1 Gbps
  • Power: 200W


2U server space

  • Location: Stockholm
  • Internet: 1 Gbps
  • Power: 400W


3U server space

  • Location: Stockholm
  • Internet: 1 Gbps
  • Power: 600W


4U server space

  • Location: Tukholma
  • Internet: 1 Gbps
  • Power: 800W

The above mentioned prices are exclusive any VAT.

How should we prepare the server?

After ordering we will send you the network settings you should configure to the server. This way it is only to plug it in at the datacenter.

How can we deliver the server to the DC?

You can either bring the server to the datacenter in person, in which case an employee of ours will meet you at the datacenter. Alternatively you may ship the server to us by mail/courier, in which case we will plug the server in for you.

Do you rent servers?

If you do not yet own a server and would rather like to rent a server, we can build you a server with the required specs and rent it for you. Contact us!

Additional prices and terms

Setup fee 105.00 EUR
Remote Hands (next-business-day) 85.00 EUR per hour
Remote Hands (other times) 199.00 EUR per hour
The prices above are excluding any applicable VAT. The contract period of the service is 3 months, after which the contract will automatically renew every month unless the contract is terminated.
The termination notice period is 1 month.