General info

.MK is the official top level domain of Macedonia.


Registration 20.00 EUR
Transfer 0.00 EUR
Renewal 20.00 EUR

Registration procedure

There are no restrictions for the .MK TLD. Anyone can register one and they are served on a first-come basis.

Transfer procedure

The transfer requires an EPP / Authorization code that you can obtain from your current domain registrar. In order for the transfer to succeed, transfer lock must be disabled.

Privacy rating (GDPR)
WHOIS Exposure Name , Postal address , Email
Registry MARnet (MK)
Domain length 1-63 characters
Registration period 1-1 years
Renewal period 1-1 years
Operation delay 5 min
Grace period 60 days
Redemption period 0 days
EPP code support
Immediate deletion
Zone Check requirement
Automatic owner trade
Additional contact info
  • Registrant = Private Person
    Social Security Number (idNumber)

  • Registrant = Company
    Registration number (registerNumber)

  • Registrant = Corporation
    Registration number (registerNumber)

  • Registrant = Institution
    Registration number (registerNumber)

  • Registrant = Political party
    Registration number (registerNumber)

  • Registrant = Township
    Registration number (registerNumber)

  • Registrant = Government
    Registration number (registerNumber)

  • Registrant = Public community
    Registration number (registerNumber)