General info



Registration 12.00 EUR
Transfer 0.00 EUR
Renewal 12.00 EUR

Registration procedure

There are no restrictions for the .LT TLD. Anyone can register one and they are served on a first-come basis.

Note that .LT registrations can not be completed live. After you have placed your order, the domain will be immediately reserved and placed in pendingCreate status, but it will only be visible on your account after the registration has been confirmed. This will happen within 6-12 hours from the order.

Transfer procedure

.LT domain transfers have a special procedure. The domain registrant will be emailed instructions to complete the transfer after the transfer has been ordered.

Privacy rating (GDPR)
Registry DOMREG (LT)
Domain length 2-63 characters
Registration period 1-1 years
Renewal period 1-1 years
Operation delay 5 min
Grace period 0 days
Redemption period 30 days
EPP code support
Immediate deletion
Zone Check requirement
Automatic owner trade
Additional contact info
  • Registrant = Company
    Registration number (registerNumber)