General info

The .COM TLD is the most popular TLD in the world. It is a gTLD and was also the first TLD to be sold on the Internet. It comes from the word 'commercial' and was originally meant for companies.

The TLD is managed by the US company Verisign.


Registration 10.89 EUR
Transfer 8.50 EUR
Renewal 10.89 EUR
Restore 86.00 EUR

Registration procedure

There are no restrictions for the .COM TLD. Anyone can register one and they are served on a first-come basis.

Transfer procedure

The transfer requires an EPP / Authorization code that you can obtain from your current domain registrar. In order for the transfer to succeed, transfer lock must be disabled and at least 60 days must have passed since its registration or last transfer.

By transferring a domain to NordName, you will also renew it for one year and get to benefit of our numerous free domain services.

Privacy rating (GDPR)
TLD Agreement
Registry Verisign Inc (US)